App-V 5 sequencer reboot error

Have you ever rebooted your App-V 5 sequencer and expect to continue sequencing, but was greeted with the following error?


Well, I certainly have and I had a feeling it had to do with joining the VM to the domain. Searching the web doesn’t bring up a lot of information on this specific error and the event log isn’t helpful either. What I did find was that¬†Nicke has great a article about issues one may encounter when rebooting an App-V 5 sequencer.

Everything on the VM checked out until I got to the Scratch directory. I setup a test sequence and performed a reboot, but before I logged back into the machine I browsed to the Scratch directory via UNC and noticed it was empty. Well, if the Scratch directory is empty, how can you expect the sequencer to resume after a reboot? I made sure the directory was accessible and was being written to during a sequence. After some digging, I noticed the entire temp directory was cleared out upon reboot. This was confusing to me because there was no GPO applied to delete temp folders, redirect folders or set mandatory profiles. So I went ahead rolled my VM back to clean and set the following GPO:



Now I can reboot during the sequence and resume sequencing without any issues! 

2 thoughts to “App-V 5 sequencer reboot error”

  1. Thank you very much for this fix. I was sequencing AutoCAD and, after waiting a very long time for the application to install, it prompted for a reboot. Once it rebooted, I was presented with this message. Your GPO fix resolved my problem!

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