Change RemoteApp program location without republishing

This is useful when you upgrade an application and the path to the main application EXE has changed. The new path could just be a new EXE name or it could be in an entirely different folder. If you have it published via RemoteApp, you may have noticed the RemoteApp program location is greyed out.


You could just unpublish and republish the RemoteApp, but that could be a pain if you have a fair amount of options set for the app. Instead republishing, you can run the Set-RDRemoteApp PowerShell module to update the path.

In this example, I published the built-in Windows Calculator in my lab. Let’s say that Brenda in accounting found better a calculator and wants to run that instead. Once you have the path of the new EXE, run the Set-RDRemoteApp PoSH module. In my command¬†below I specified the CollectionName, Alias, and FilePath (new) parameters. I did not need to specify any other parameters and it didn’t appear to override anything else. As always, be sure to test your command in a test environment or on a test application before applying to production.

Set-RDRemoteApp -CollectionName “Lab” -Alias “win32calc” -FilePath “C:\NewCalc\bestcalc.exe”

If everything updated properly, you should see the updated path in the properties of your RemoteApp.

Note: You may need to refresh the deployment in Server Manager, or just re-open it to see the updated path.

4 thoughts to “Change RemoteApp program location without republishing”

  1. Thank you for the simple instructions. They worked a treat and updated the path to an app that upgraded itself to a new location on a Server 2019 RDS. Thanks again

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