Update to Sequence Like a Boss – BriForum 2015 Denver

An update to my Sequence Like a Boss presentation from BriForum 2015 Denver.

I attended Tim & Patrick’s session titled “5,4, 3, 2, 1, LIFTOFF! How Processes Become Virtualized” and learned that Acrobat DC is officially supported with App-V! In my session I mentioned that Adobe did not support Acrobat being sequenced in App-V. While that was true when I made my slides, it turns out they started supporting App-V 5 SP3 around a week ago. I do not believe they officially support older versions of Acrobat, but starting with DC is a big step.

Admin Guide/Recipe and more here: App-V Deployment: Acrobat DC

The Admin guide also mentions they have a separate MSI to enable “all” features of Acrobat.

To leverage all of Acrobat’s features, a supplementary App-V MSI must be installed on the user’s machine. The MSI should be available as a part of the downloaded .zip file. It contains Adobe Acrobat’s integration points for various applications such as:

  • MS Office Integration – Context Menu and In-App Acrobat Ribbons.

  • Mails Integration – MS Outlook and Lotus Notes will start showing Acrobat Features.

  • Adobe PDF Printer – Allows the user to print any file to Adobe PDF.

  • Web Capture – Allows the user to be able to convert a webpage to Adobe PDF inside the Browser.

  • Registers necessary fonts on the client which will be used by the virtual application.

I haven’t had time to go through the guide, but this is great news in the App-V community. Big thanks to Tim for mentioning that in his presentation.