This blog was initially created to help tackle issues that application administrators may come across. As my work tasks have changed, blog posts have expanded to include additional topics beyond applications. I hope you will find some of my articles useful and please comment if you have questions or feedback. I will do my best to reply in a timely manner.

About the author

For the past 15 years I have worked in several aspects of enterprise IT, including application packaging and delivery, virtual desktop infrastructure management, Microsoft Azure, PowerShell scripting and automation, just to name a few. I’ve always enjoyed tackling issues that come along with managing and delivering applications. I have experience working with VMWare and Citrix technologies as well and have certifications from Citrix and Microsoft.

This blog is my personal website. All comments and opinions on this website are my own and may not reflect those of my employer.

Twitter- @RyanWillDotCom

Email-   Ryan AT ryanwill.com

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